technikPR is the most technical PR agency in Europe. All of our staff are ex-editors and they know exactly how to deal with professional technology writers – working together as equals – with the same knowledge of the science and principals behind each new innovation. Rather than simply passing every request through to you, our client, we work hard to understand your organization and products – so that we are able to deal with initial press queries ourselves. This approach has already attracted some of the world’s top technology companies – and it’s something that we are very proud of.

From Journalists to Journalists

Our employees all together worked as journalists before. Many of them are members of the German journalist union, studied journalism or received journalistic decorations. That's why we know exactly how the other side of the media works and which information journalists need for efficient and convenient work. We always keep up a certain level of journalistic quality. You won't find too much self-praise and marketing gibberish in our work.

Digital Natives

All our associates consider themselves digital natives. Meaning that they grew up with cellphones, computers and the internet all around them. According to that, our handling of digital and social media is intuitive and authentic. Facebook, YouTube and Google+ are not only "interesting possibilities for marketing", which need to be learned in expensive workshops. Videoclips, status updates and tweets are necessary methods of modern corporate communication and not only useful additions to conservative communication elements.

Open-minded and cost-efficient

Being a young and dynamic company, there are no lethargic company structures, no inefficient ways of communication and no boredom. You want an image video with your product on top of the Mount Everest? According to our claim "Am Ende ganz Groß" it's no problem at all. Press release at three in the morning, meeting Taiwan based editors' deadline? Right away! Of course, thanks to our small company structures, we're also able to offer a high quality of communication products for resonable costs.

Torn apart, Rooted and Modded

Whereas others might still be busy reading the manual, we probably have already rebooted three times, flashed another firmware or disassembled the whole product. We try to get to the bottom of technics to understand products and it's not rare, that we might even use our customer's products in our spare time after work. This is the only way how we can provide our media partners with technical advice. As a result, we're often being asked technical questions regarding the product, saving you and your employees a fair amount of time.