We provide all our services in German and English language. Besides, we can work in two different ways: Integrated into your company's exterior, meaning we disclaim our own identity and work within the customer's corporate identity - or as an autonomous and external agency.

Basic PR

Product PR

This is the most elemental of our services. We initiate articles about your product starting with reviews and background articles. We also know exactly if there are any comparisons and round-ups planned within our media network where our client's products could participate. And of course, we generate daily news coverage based on our press releases. We always try to position your product as much and as good as possible within the media.

Press Releases

Our press releases are always optically customised and journalistically well-developed. We will describe your product brielfy and factual. By adding pictures and data sheets our press releases become essential for journalists since they receive an all-around package of information. There's no more research necessary, and they can start writing right away.

Internal Communication Products

Thanks to our mediaCC and clippingDB we create individual summaries of your press echo quick and easily in HTML, text or PDF format. So you can keep your associates up-to-date with all your recent publicity, for example through a monthly newsletter or a product-related summary of all press mentionings.

PR 2.0

Audiovisual Press Releases

Since it gets harder and harder these days to get the media's attention only through pictures and text, one needs to use audiovisual contents as well. Instead of describing a product, you can show it to the press and customers. We take care of every single step necessary to create great videos. Starting with the conception, script and storyboard over to the actual filming, editing and cutting. Of course we also handle the video distribution and integrate your audiovisual press release into the text-based release.

PR through Opinion Leaders

In times of Amazon, dooyoo, Facebook and others, customers often believe more in user opinions than in journalists' work. So how about you letting your customers examine your products and write about it? Through cooperations with several online magazines and communities, we're able to provide honest and real user reviews from interested customers. This is how we generate genuine and authentic publicity for your product.

Social Media

To reach a younger customer base with publicity measures these days, one definetely has to use social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. To stand out on these networks it is necessary to offer a certain degree of authenticity. Posed and unnatural contents belong somewhere else. We bring the necessary experience and credibility to maintain your social media experience and add value to it.

Recording & Documentation

Thanks to our professional clippingDB you gain access to all of our work's results around the clock. How many reader contacts did you score last month with a certain product? Which awards did this product receive since market launch in selected european countries? And how often has it been mentioned in British media during the last year? All this information is only one click away.