Documentation of Media Feedback

Starting with online reviews over to classical print reports, YouTube videos or user reviews. You'll find all that feedback in our self-developed database. Of course you're able to filter and sort all of this data according to your needs. Thanks to this you can keep track of how often one of your products has been mentioned in the media, or which country you need to put more effort into.

Even all awards for your products can be stored in the clippingDB in high resolution and ready to being printed out on your marketing materials. So sending out all awards on product X to the marketing department is just one click ahead instead of investing several hours of research.

Even back in the days, when there was no Internet or home computers people collected media feedback. Back then it was mostly about cuttings from newspapers. To be able to file them away nicely, one had to clip them onto a blank sheet of paper. The publication and the date was written on the paper, and one could put it into a matching folder. This is the reason why these snippets are still called clippings today, even though these days it's valid for all types of media (Online, print, TV, radio, etc.).
What's a clipping, anyway?

Features of the clippingDB in Detail

Export possibilities for HTML, CSV or PDF files come in handy when you want to spread your achievements through all possible channels. Using an RSS feed you're even able to integrate our data into your own homepage and show everybody how you're doing in terms of publicity. Having our very own Facebook plugin, you're good to share a new clipping over the social network with just one click. Separated product and media indexes allow a fast and

accurate creation of new clippings. We're adding a lot of additional and interesting information on a clipping, such as the publication's reach and statistics as well as their origin and primary language. We're not only collecting all these clippings but also moderate them. Every entry gets a small description and headline to make it seem more interesting and vital.

Example: Export Feature

Static and dynamic export

The clippingDB offers two different possibilities to distribute your collected media feedback. Thanks to the static export you will receive a product specific file with a fixed link. This link can be embedded into marketing materials or online shops. Every time someone clicks on it, our Database will create a new up-to-date file.

Using the dynamic export you can create your very own customised clipping summaries according to your wishes. Both methods will result in a high-quality PDF file, according to your company's corporate design.